My autoimmune/ anti-inflammatory diet starts tomorrow!

Today my husband asked me if I had done any research on this diet that I’m about to begin. I haven’t and don’t want to, but I thought that maybe I will start writing separate posts about my diet experience and what I wind up eating/cooking in case it can help others. I mean, there are a million cooking/recipe/food blogs out there, so people must be interested and maybe it’ll help or inspire somebody.

The diet and supplement plan was designed to help autoimmune conditions and inflammation. Apparently, there has been some success treating autoimmune diseases with this restrictive, evil, soulless regimen. But, seriously, I would pretty much do anything to feel better, so I am determined to find the will power. Stay tuned for my diet installments and I hope they’re not too boring!

Diet details:

Supplement details:


One thought on “My autoimmune/ anti-inflammatory diet starts tomorrow!

  1. Have you heard of my book Meals That Heal Inflammation? The plan I propose isn’t the ‘restrictive, evil, soulless regimen’ as you might think. I have over 120 tasty recipes included. Here is some more information about it. You can check out the reviews on

    Cheers, Julie


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