Diet Day 2

Today was rough. I’m constipated, gassy and nauseous. SO MANY PILLS!
For breakfast, I had — seriously — sliced banana in a bowl with almonds and almond milk. Believe me, the absence of cereal in there was conspicuous. I also had a nectarine and half a Banana Bread Lara Bar (beware, they’re disgusting. Why are all banana-flavoured products disgusting?).

For lunch I had the same as yesterday — salad with turkey, olives, onion, and sunflower seeds. I discovered Annie’s Italian dressing has no sugar, so I’ll opt for that in the future. For a snack, I had cauliflower with baba ganoush as a dip and mixed nuts.

Dinner provided some relief from the fruitnutsalad hell. I had lean porkloin with applesauce and savoy cabbage. Plus, a bunch of pistachios.

I went and bought stevia today, so I won’t be cheating with Splenda in my tea anymore. I also bought coconut flour, almond meal, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and some other stuff. Let the baking breakfast “bread” experiments begin!


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