Diet & Supplements Day 7… added info.

Ok, my grief over the loss of most of diet staples is significantly reduced now that I have allowed myself oats in the morning. It changes everything. My mood, how full I feel, my constipation… Ok, I lied, that problem still has not been solved. After days of Miralax! No change.

I finally got some more clarification from the Good Doctor about what kind of Vitamin A to buy. She had said to look for “preformed” or “mixed carotenoids”. I told her I had looked at hundreds of labels and only found “beta-carotene”, “retinyl palmitate”, “retinyl acetate”, just “palmitate”, and “fish liver oil”. She said I want most of the vitamin A in the product to be in the retinol or retinyl palmitate form ~ not beta carotene. So many Vitamin A supplements are coupled with Vitamin D, but since I already bought the latter, I’m looking for straight Vitamin A. I had blood tests done that showed I am allergic to cod, egg and tomato. I’m ignoring tomato, I’m kind of ignoring egg, but I’d like to avoid cod (the doc said not to place a lot of faith in the blood tests, but, out of all of them, he’d probably avoid cod). So, I don’t want to get Vitamin A from cod liver oil. I’m going to buy this one: Solgar Dry Vitamin A, 5,000iu. It’s also free of Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Soy, Yeast, Sugar, Sodium, Artificial Flavor, Sweetener, Preservatives and Color. God love them.

As far as my diet goes, yesterday I had granola with almond milk and a banana for breakfast. Salmon, carrots, cauliflower, avocado and olives for lunch. Spinach, coleslaw, and pork chop with apple sauce for dinner. Snacks were mixed nuts and a Lara Bar.

I forgot to mention that the Good Doctor wants me drinking green tea and ginger tea and using olive oil and turmeric in my cooking (keep forgetting to buy turmeric!).


One thought on “Diet & Supplements Day 7… added info.

  1. Enja says:

    Heard turmeric is good stuff.


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