LDN Day 20… feel awful.

I feel really crap this morning. I shouldn’t even write, it’ll just be depressing. I was quite excited going to bed. I had done three sun salutations without hurting my body or pulling a muscle and I was thrilled. I was planning on writing this morning that I had made progress! But, no. I woke up this morning after six hours sleep in the process of throwing my neck out. I woke up in one of those full-body tenses: fist and jaw clenched, arms and legs straight and hard and then my neck stretched itself in some weird sideways motion and, when I heard the snap, I was fully awake. I iced it for a half hour without even getting out of bed and now I am using my TENS unit. I’m allergic to NSAIDS and I can’t have opiates, so it’s tylenol and ice for me. Nightmare. I even took an epsom salt bath last night and tried to follow all the sleep rules. It was another terrible night and, this morning, my eyes are extremely swollen. My husband even suggested I have had a reaction to turmeric.

Who knows. I’m so over this. If I had a job, it would be difficult to show up this morning. I can’t turn my neck, I look like I’m having some puffy allergic reaction and I’m so tired, my eyesight is blurry. Really blurry. I have my first acupuncture treatment today. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I’ll let you know later on.

I’m grateful for mod-cons: bathtubs and kettles and hoovers, beds and electricity and running water… Especially the last one. I’m grateful for clean drinking water, flushing toilets, and hot showers.


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