Just an update… not doing well.

Hey everyone,

I’ve taken a turn for the worse. I haven’t really recovered physically from my Big Day Out on the 13th. I’ve only left the house three times in the last week: therapy, acupuncture and the stress test appointment. Eight days without much improvement is unusual for me. That, in turn, has sent my mood into some deep, dark depths. That, in turn, is making my physical symptoms worse. My headache is constant, my back is in very bad pain, I sprained my neck in my sleep and it’s the worst it has been in months, my chest is tight, my concentration and cognitive abilities are shot. I kind of want to (jump, dance, laugh, sing, run) crawl into a hole and come out when they discover a cure for this disease.

I want to go off the birth control pill, but I’m afraid to. I want to take the Lyrica, but I’m afraid to. I want to take the Ambien, but I’m afraid to. I want to take the Chinese herbs, but I’m afraid to. I want to take an anti-depressant, but I’m afraid to. I want to try medicinal marijuana, but I’m afraid to. Yesterday, I wound up taking two quarters of a Norco for the pain, spaced out by about 8 hours and today I feel it ~ a sort of Norco hangover. I know it’s crazy, but my body is that sensitive and I am that sensitive to my body. I feel everything and I don’t want to help my pain, but cause edema or help my mood, but cause chest tightness… or whatever.

More than anything right now, I am mourning the loss of my husband’s old life. He has to do EVERYTHING and I’m not sure how he is holding it together. I am begging to talk about this and cry about this and be counselled about this all the time. He’s like, “What would you like for dinner?” And I say, “My fucking body back. A cure. My pain to go away. My fear to go away. My life to come back.” Only, I am currently unable to say it with a smile. So, I don’t say, “Pain-killers for an appetizer, a winning lotto ticket for the main course and a lobotomy for dessert, please, honey!” Instead, I look at him and start sobbing, “Why would I care about food? I just want to NOT BE SICK ANYMORE, don’t you get it?!”

One of my dearest, oldest friends is coming to see me today as she passes through town. She is vibrant and beautiful and I wish we could catch up without my sadness cloaked around me and my disease stepping on my shoulders. The day before yesterday, summer left. It’s now winter. Just like that. I am grateful for hot water bottles.


3 thoughts on “Just an update… not doing well.

  1. Anna says:



  2. Your body is making you rest. I know the frustration. I’m going through similar right now. (((Hugs)))


  3. Big hugs, I know the frustration. Going through similar problem now. The problem with medication it relieving one symptom but creating another is very frustrating!


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