Oh, by the way…

Thanks to those of you that helped vote for the Vancouver clinic, but it turns out they are only taking B.C. residents. Of course I still hope they win the contest, I’m just upset that there is an ME expert in my backyard and I can’t see her. There is NO ONE anywhere near me in the States.


2 thoughts on “Oh, by the way…

  1. Stacie says:

    http://www.co-cure.org/good-doc.htm. this is the good doctor list. Hope thee is one near you.


  2. akaemilo says:

    Stacie, I am so behind on answering comments! Thank you so much for this list. Some of them I don’t entirely trust because they are self-referred or perhaps someone just likes their doctor as opposed to the doctor being knowledgeable about ME/CFS, but it is a starting point. I appreciate your help!


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