Sorry docs!

I’m feeling bad about my rant in my last post. To all my friends and family (and people I don’t know, too) that are in the healthcare field: I’m sorry. I am very, very appreciative of all you do. I’d be dead without you about ten times over. I have no idea how hard your jobs are and you probably don’t get thanked enough for dealing with a population that, in general, doesn’t want to see you. My favorite shows are the real life ER programs- I can see how difficult and thankless it can be. So, Thank You! for all you do… And forgive me if I bitch about my more frustrating experiences!


3 thoughts on “Sorry docs!

  1. Curiosity says:

    I hate that stuff too. I’ve learned now to get copies of all of my test results. …Which means now half the time they think I’m a hypochondriac, but at least I’m a hypochondriac who knows that her copper’s too low.


  2. Nicole says:

    Rant all you like. I see both sides of the health system being a fellow ME/CFS sufferer and working in the system. You are right to say keep copies of your own tests. I often find that things are missed and while I’m extremely lucky to have a fantastic GP, I make sure I advocate for my patients when I find errors. Doctors are human but a good doctor will know this and be happy to share the information (it is after all your information). If you have a doctor who refuses to give you these results, or refuses to admit they’ve missed something start looking for a new one.


  3. akaemilo says:

    Nicole, are you in the healthcare field? Are you in England?


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