So, this is it.

Today I went for a follow up with the infectious disease doctor that I saw in May before I had to leave my job. I wanted to ask him about a few things that have been rattling around in my brain, namely: Could I have caught something from my dogs (through squirrels or birds or whatever)? Does he not think I have some sort of virus since I have a daily sore throat, hoarseness and low grade fever? What does he think about antivirals to treat Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and/or cytomegalovirus (HCMV) and/or HHV6? I also ran Guillaine-Barre and bacterial endocarditis (SBE) past him and asked him about vaccines.

He is a wonderful, knowledgeable doctor and he took the time to explain things in detail to me, but I’ll sum it up by saying I am grasping at straws. He said, point blank: “You have chronic fatigue syndrome and, from here on out, you should work on treating the symptoms. Patients can get better, but they never get back to where they were before being sick.” It was very final. It left me feeling empty. This is it. I’ve spent a year researching, reading, going to doctors, getting tests, asking anyone and everyone for help and advice and ideas… It’s time to move on. This is it. It’s long term and I need to move on with treating my symptoms and stop searching searching searching…

Regarding the other stuff, the ID doctor said they had ruled out active viruses and, in his opinion, mostly ruled out autoimmune problems, so, what is left is allergy — immune activation/allergic response. His experience (and what the medical community knows) is, a virus triggers CFS but then the virus is long gone and I’m left with the body’s ongoing response that causes the symptoms. So, antivirals will do no good and antibiotics definitely won’t. He is the 4th doctor to tell me there is no way they would throw broad-spectrum antibiotics at a patient without any clear target – especially in CFS patients where side effects can really cause hell. I have tested positive to past infection or exposure to EBV, which most of us will (and I had this test done years ago with the same result, so I know this didn’t cause me to get sick, although you can get reactivated EBV) and he said I am negative for HCMV, which many people aren’t.

He doesn’t think there is anything that the dogs could have given to me, I would be paralysed and hospitalized if I had Guillian-Barre and I’d be dead if I had SBE (he said, before antibiotics, SBE was one of the few infections that was 100% fatal. People might survive rabies, for example, but not endocarditis). Finally, he said my husband should get a flu shot ASAP because flu would be “very bad for you” and that I should never get any vaccines until I’m over 65 and then reassess. Wow.

I also had a follow-up with the Good Doctor. She is the one who will be helping me with symptom management going forward. Since I spent three weeks “washing out”, I am going to add in one thing at a time, very carefully. We’re starting with foods, moving to supplements, then we’ll tackle other things down the road, like heavy metal testing, hormone testing, Chinese herbs for Gu Syndrome, even medical marijuana… Anything!

I added back in rice last week and, yesterday, I added back eggs. I’m pretty sure I had a reaction to the egg, so I’m going to steer clear of them for now. I was feeling almost great (yes, I said great. Yesterday afternoon was really the best I’d felt in months) and, within half an hour of eating the egg, I had a raging headache. And then I had allergy-type symptoms in my nose: runny, stuffy, swelly etc. (although, that is still with me today and could just be me ~ or maybe I’m finally getting the cold that’s been threatening for a year.) Thursday, I add back dairy, then corn, then tomatoes, then legumes…other grains… If/when I want to start the Lyrica, I do it three days after the last add-in and three days before the next.

She also had the results of my stool sample (how long did that take? Three months?). No parasites. Inflammation not as bad as she thought it would be. Yeast levels not good and, even though I take a too-expensive probiotic every day, the good bacteria in my gut are nonexistent. She said “this is actually quite concerning”, so I have a new probiotic to order and, after that, she is going to start me on herbal supplements to combat the yeast. I’m staying on the ferrous gluconate (watch out, iron causes constipation – who knew?! I thought it was from coming off the pill) and, down the road, we’ll add magnesium and zinc and the other supplements.

Gratitude today is given to last week’s headache: You were SO ALL-CONSUMING AND PAINFUL that I never gave one thought to my first period in nine months.


2 thoughts on “So, this is it.

  1. triciaruth says:

    I had low-grade/sub-clinical tonsillitis for about three years (which my doctor at the time said “you’re just run down” or “it’s just a viral sore throat”) which gave me sore throat, swollen glands (my mum said I used to look like a hamster some days) and a vile taste in my mouth every day. I eventually got my tonsils taken out and it was like someone flipped a switch – not great but definitely better. Might be worth discussing with the Good Doctor?


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