Warning: I’m Talking About Poop

I’m not going to lie, I’m scared. Again. Still. I don’t know my body anymore and I don’t know what’s around any corner. The thing I try not to talk about is: every single time I have collapsed on the first day of my period, it was triggered by a morning bowel movement. Also, I have come close to passing out and had the paramedics called twice from bowel pressure/ cramping without having my period. See why I don’t like writing about this and now you don’t like reading about it?

So, for months I have had these little bouts of tight chest and heart palpitations. They come on very quickly, very strongly ~ making me gasp for breath ~ and then leave just as quickly. I finally figured out they were triggered somehow by my bowels. Within minutes after a breathing/heart episode, I will have “movement” of some sort down below ~ maybe even just a gurgle ~ that wasn’t even perceptible when my lungs tightened and my heart pitter-patted. I assumed it was some sort of vasovagal reaction and have been ignoring it.

Well, this past week, I have had an uptick in IBS issues. I don’t know why; I’ve changed nothing with my diet or supplements. With the increased gut distress, has come much more prolonged chest symptoms. This morning, I spent hours with my heart skipping and racing and, once again, such a tight chest that I was spooked. I ate salt, drank water, lay on the ground with my feet up, did breathing exercises, canceled my sleep doctor appointment and kept the phone close. I knew my chest would release once my bowel calmed down, but it didn’t help my fear of the future. IBS is not one of the related ME/CFS conditions that I worry about. I worry about the fibromyalgia and chemical sensitivity (especially since the codeine reaction). But, if things don’t calm down, it’ll now be my prime focus. I don’t want to be on beta blockers or any other drugs to “manage” arrhythmias or blood pressure drops.

Lastly, for a week or two, I’ve been dizzy. This is a new symptom, too. The rooms spins when I move my head and when I just move my eyes all the way to the right or left. Again, if it gets any worse, it will be the number one most debilitating symptom. All of these (drug reactions, food reactions, IBS, dizziness) could make life much more difficult than it already is. I feel like I’m standing on a precipice on one foot… with my arms tied behind my back… in gale-force winds… eyes blindfolded, so I can’t see what new evil is coming at me or from where…

Not sure what I’m grateful for today. When I find it, I’ll let you know.

February 1st Addendum:

I think things are better today. I ate like a baby yesterday (apple sauce, cooked carrots, squash etc.), avoided supplements and I hope things will resolve themselves. Maybe it was just magnesium. I’ve been taking 500mg of mag oxide wondering why it wasn’t giving me any gastrointestinal issues… Maybe it just caught up with me after a few months. My doctor’s only two suggestions were anti-spasmodics for the bowel (uh, no) and a tilt-table test to address POTS. Let me repeat: I will do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to avoid taking a test that induces scary symptoms that I try to avoid every day of my life just so a doctor can confirm that I get dizzy and sometimes my blood pressure and pulse bottom out. I already know that; I don’t need a test. Unless I have to do it for disability. But I haven’t got the nerve/energy up to tackle that yet.


9 thoughts on “Warning: I’m Talking About Poop

  1. Curiosity says:

    I’m not sure if this has anything at all to do with your situation, but I’ll mention it just in case. For me, the vertigo I got was related to zinc intake. I thought I was being super reasonable, but for some reason my body had a crazy weird reaction to it. It’s a common side effect at very high doses, but I wasn’t anywhere near there. There seems to be a threshold of about 11-12 mg of supplement that I can handle without too much double vision, spins, etc., but if I even eat too much of foods high in it I get really bad vertigo again the next day.

    I have no idea why. I assume it potentially has some connection to my copper levels, or processing of the zinc, or zinc-related demonic possession. But if I keep my zinc down, I don’t get it anymore. As mentioned, might have nothing at all to do with your issues, but I thought I’d mention just in case. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re developing that symptom. I’ve always counted myself lucky that I didn’t suffer with it as long as so many of us do. Much sympathy.


  2. stacie says:

    Vaso vagal episodes can be triggered by straining for a bowel movement. Vaso vagal syncope is common in people with ME/CFIDS. I suggest reading more about that. An episode can happen from an abrupt change in blood pressure even if it is in normal range. VVS is awful. I hate it. A full blown episode makes me feel like all my organs are shutting down and I am dying. Stomach distress is one of the symptoms I get. Also a weird headache and tingling in head. Cold sweat. Pale face. Gasping for belreath.feeling like it takes every ounce of energy I have to just breathe. Next time this happens to you try laying flat on your back with your legs elevated. Symptoms will start to go away and you will be left feeling worn out but that J’s the only way to end the episode. ..if that is what you are experiencing. Now when you are going to the bathroom and that happens ..try tucking your head down to your knees….basically you are trying to not let yourself faint. Hope this helps. Big hugs!!


  3. stacie says:

    One more thing.! .vaso vagal episodes are also triggered by hormones. I have these episodes kn clusters and always around the time of Mg period and many times triggered from bowel movement just before my period starts.


  4. stacie says:

    Keep yourself well hydrated and itbsounds weird but eat salty foods…this will help with VVS. I eat pickles lots of pickles. 🙂


  5. Lindsay says:

    I get stomach episodes, too, and my symptoms are also worse during my period. I’ve found that, like Stacie suggested, fluids and salt help a little. Hope you feel better soon!


  6. Liisa says:

    I have just same kind feelings like you! I have read your blog and i start to eat LDN two days after you. Do you or not take LDN today?


  7. Ella says:

    This sounds soo much like me. I feel for you


  8. […] obtusely, naively, I went to see a cardiologist about my BP and HR issues, plus the fact that bowel rumbling triggers a sort of vasovagal heart flutter and lung tightening. I’m sure most of you people with ME know what’s coming. This doctor said, “I see […]


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