Letting The Past Go

Monday, May 12th is International ME Awareness Day. It’s a reminder for everyone to help raise awareness about this misunderstood and little-known disease. It’s a chance to bombard the world with our stories and hope that they will stop, listen, question. Please stand up for people with ME … share the knowledge.

My friend Marie’s excellent blog post, Letting The Past Go, has been published in this weeks edition of the Galway Independent.


Marie H Curran

Having ME is a challenge. There’s no point pretending losing a past, in order to plod my way toward my future is easy. But what path in life is?!

My past was filled with running, horse riding, yoga, a full time job, frenzied home cleaning, dinner dates, movie dates, walks on a whim, shopping on a whim, driving around the country chasing down the next running race. It was an active list, one which vanished in late December 2011.

However, being a stubborn twig, I refuse to let ME beat me. I refuse to focus on all I’ve lost and live in the now, I live for today. A life lesson, illness has taught me.  After all, the past is in the past and whatever the future brings, will be.

Plus, I refuse to fall down any well of self pity when there are 10,000 patients suffering varying severities of this illness here in Ireland, 25% of…

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