Late to the Black Dress party.

I am always late to the party, but this time it was not because I spent too long on my hair or make-up. Nope, in fact, my hair has been in this bun for coming up on two years and I don’t own any make-up that is less than three years old. I have literally just rolled out of bed and this is the first and only shot I took (thank god, because I wasn’t up for multiple trips back and forth to the camera). This is where I sit for a few minutes every day to let my blood pressure and heart rate stabilise before getting up and getting dressed (or not). The only difference is I’m usually not wearing black. In fact, I’m usually not wearing anything, my neighbours love me.

Friday was Severe ME Awareness Day and Jocelyn over at No Poster Girl drew my attention to the Black Dress Selfie Campaign thought up by Janet Smart. I’m all for any excuse to take fun photos, so I decided this morning to don this lovely number (it’s a top, not a dress, though: remember, not all men (or women) with ME like to wear dresses, so Black Shirt Selfie day might have been better).

Sally Burch has some great posts about this, with links to information about severe ME and galleries of images here and here. There is also a slideshow of images on the Dozy Dayz blog.




8 thoughts on “Late to the Black Dress party.


    LOVE IT!

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  2. currankentucky says:

    Great shot. And great post!

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  3. salkeela says:

    Brilliant. Thanks for participating – and I found your blog, because a number of people have clicked through to my blog from here. 😀

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  4. Zuz says:

    You are Beautiful!! Despite your illness, or maybe because of it, your beauty shines from within stronger then ever!

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