O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum.

A second addendum to my last post:

So, yes, we spent $20 on a voucher for a real Christmas tree and then $150 on an artificial tree that smelled up the whole room and then another $150 on another artificial tree that I accidentally ordered off Amazon, but, in the end, the $3.97 tomato cage is slender and beautiful, holds all our ornaments, and we’re so thrilled with it’s subtly, the lack of smell, watering, dropping needles, killing of trees and EASE of set up. Can’t believe we didn’t do this sooner and we’re never looking back.




7 thoughts on “O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum.

  1. Wow! So gorgeous! Happy it all worked out!

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  2. Beautiful. Nice to see a tall tree that doesn’t take up half the room. what a great compromise.

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  3. kneillbc says:

    Love it! It’s beautiful, and more like the original Christmas trees- which were put on a table. (I can come up with an academic arguement for almost everything. It’s a useful skill ;-).
    Merry Christmas!

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    • Ha! Exactly! And less obtrusive and cumbersome, won’t go up in flames or be knocked over by dogs, can be hosed off, won’t get moldy, can be repurposed for tomatoes (that I don’t eat) in the summer… But, mostly, I love that we were crafty. I never get to CREATE in my life. I might have to find a hobby. 🙂


      • kneillbc says:

        Crafting and Art are my life-lines right now. It’s what I do with my kids, and it is what I do in my head when my body can do nothing but lie still, eyes closed, blinds shut and zero noise. I used to plan my garden, but since I can’t actually do the gardening, it was getting me down. So, at the moment I am designing replacement bracelets for medic alert bracelets. Let me know if you want a couple- they go with the interchangeable cabochon shape. They’re $50 per bracelet from medic alerts- and I can buy all the tools and materials for about 10 bracelets for that. After the tools- the material alone is les than $5 per bracelet. I’d never make any real money selling them- because of the labour involved, but I’m happy to make on for friends (or teach you how). Oh, wait, is MedicAlert just a Canadian thing? There must be an American equivalent… If you want me to teach you how, email me. karen@neill.ca

        I’m so glad that you enjoyed doing something creative! I know that I have been focussing on my health so much that I had forgotten to nourish my soul a bit. We all need occupation- even if it is just a hobby- to keep our minds engaged. It’s hard though, and it can be expensive. I’m in a facebook group for people on our area to swap arts and crafts supplies. It’s amazing- I bought a pile of ink pads off someone for almost nothing. She was selling them because the company changed the format of their ink pads, and she liked them all to match (!). These are the kind of ink-pads that you actually buy extra ink droppers for, because they last forever. Her OCD is my gain!


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