Still me

My brilliant friend Jak (returning the compliment ;)) wrote this blog post inspired by something I wrote on Facebook and I had to share because she says it so perfectly. “I like to shout and dance and rage,” too, Jak. Here’s to grabbing life with both hands and taking a big ol’ bite every single day. X

Mast Cells & Collagen Behaving Badly

My brilliant friend Elizabeth Milo has prompted this blog post by something she wrote on her Facebook page and I have her permission to reprint it here.

“My whole life I exploded in one way or another. Exuberant excitement, blazing opinions, howling heartache, effusive laughter, explosive temper. I was told to relax, calm down, mellow out. I was jealous of my quiet, even-keeled friends. They weren’t open books, they held some power by holding back.

Then I got sick. And all of that which made me too much for some people is now too much for me. I’ve been straitjacketed into temperance, placidity and passivity by an illness that has not only taken away walking, working, whirling, but has also taken away my *expressions* of emotions and passion for life. They’re all still there, just tamped down and muted out of necessity.

There’s nothing I wouldn’t give to be too…

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