I’m A Lucky, Lucky Lady

Last week my friend Z. came by my house with her baby girl and we just visited like (almost) normal people and watched the little munchkin play with toys and pat the dogs. I also got a package from my friend E. in the mail with all sorts of fun things to read and loads of the Extra Strength Menthol Halls lozenges I like. I also got a postcard and what looks like a year’s supply of energy supplements from my friend C. I also got a box full of organic produce from friends of ours who live nearby, two letters from my Father, an Easter care package from my Mother, a phone call from an old friend, emails from my nieces and the list goes on and on.

I was throwing myself a bit of a whaaa-I-have-no-friends pity party a few weeks ago, so it is really good to have my nose rubbed in the fact that my life is bursting at the seams with so many┬ácaring, thoughtful people that haven’t forgotten me even though I went into hiding, while this illness become my prime focus. Recently, I’ve been trying to reach out and take some chances. I’ve gotten in touch with a few people I neglected and have entertained the notion of getting a haircut or having a lunch date. I may not have the energy most days to keep up my end of the bargain when it comes to maintaining communication, but at least I know, if I can put myself out there once in a while, there will be friends and family waiting to meet me right where I am.