Severe M.E. and Invisible Illness Video (under 12 minutes)

You may remember last year how I battled between going to see Dr. Kogelnik or Dr. Chia in California and ultimately chose the latter (and made a mistake, I think. Who knows, maybe I’ll take another trip). Dr. Kogelnik is featured in the above video and so is Whitney Dafoe, a severely ill ME/CFS patient whose father, Ron Davis, a genetics researcher at Stanford University, is looking for molecular biomarkers in this disease. Their story was featured in the Palo Alto Weekly last month (scroll to page 20).

Here is a BBC radio interview with Ron Davis talking about Whitney (under 6 minutes).

From Forgotten Plague on Facebook:


Click to access 2015_07_10.paw.section1.pdf

Dr. Davis founded the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Research Center (CFSRC) and recruited Nobel laureates James D. Watson, PhD and Mario R. Capecchi, PhD among others as collaborators on a ME/CFS research effort akin to the Human Genome Project, which he was instrumental in starting.

More information on severe M.E., research projects and how you can help can be found here.