LDN Day 8: O Frabjous Day!

You won’t believe it. I don’t believe it! I got 9 1/2 hours sleep. I have been wearing my Zeo headband for years ~ long before I got sick ~ and that is the longest sleep time it has ever recorded. A lifetime record! So, yesterday, this is what I did that was different than most days: I took a painkiller (we’re talking only 500mg of acetaminophen; remember, I hate drugs), I took my nasal spray right before bed, I didn’t eat very much at night, I pushed myself to go to the dog park (it was awful, I made my husband go with me and I spent the whole time crying. It just felt like I had major flu and someone had forced me to walk around a dusty, loud, hot, dirty park), I pushed myself to do some gentle stretches right before bed, and I used a different pillow. I usually use an orthopedic pillow with a lump to support my neck, but last night I wound up using a regular $5 fluffy one that I had been using between my knees. Hhmm. Maybe I was simply so exhausted, there was no other option but to sleep.

I already feel different this morning, but I think it’s just in attitude. My eyes and hands are still swollen, my muscles are still sore and my head still hurts, but I am elated that I got so much sleep, so nothing can bring me down.

The LDN does seem to be constipating me and I still have not noticed any good repercussions from taking it ~ only bad. But, I’m sticking with it. Part of me thinks, if I could get 9 hours sleep every night for a month ~ or 6 months! ~ I would be better. Or, at least, it might give me the mental strength to be positive and hopeful.


2 thoughts on “LDN Day 8: O Frabjous Day!

  1. Anna says:

    That is so awesome!


  2. akaemilo says:

    Thanks, Anna!


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