LDN Day 10…grasping at straws??

Yesterday, I tried to ever so gently push myself. I went to my sister’s place to visit her puppy, but was very careful about minimal exertion. My friend came to meet me there for a coffee and we had a mellow chat and I got to visit with her baby (a sweet, innocent, happy, smiley, perfect-skinned, perfect-immune-systemed, beautiful wee cherub, with no phobias, anxiety, depression, fears… I just want to protect her!). Again, minimal exertion with the visit. I came home, meditated/drifted off to sleep for 45 minutes, then forced myself to the dog park. I was careful again ~ walked slowly, frequent rest breaks. When I got home, I was achy and my muscles were buzzing, but I wasn’t a drooling, slurring puddle on the couch, so that’s good! I even threw together some soup. I sat in the hot tub and used my TENS unit (not at the same time). I had a bad sore throat and a headache in the evening and I felt like I was getting a cold (shocker). My left ear was bugging me and my nose was alternating between stuffy and runny. The nausea and pressure from constipation were causing problems (see my “Diet Day 3” post), but, I was really hoping I would sleep long and hard. No such luck. 11 hours in bed produced 7 hours of sleep. I was waking constantly, uncomfortable, in pain. Tonight, I might try to take a painkiller closer to bed time.

The best BEST BEST news of the last few nights? No drenching, shaky, feverish, malarial night sweats! If I’m feeling at all stronger, it’s because of no night sweats and a bit more sleep. I don’t think it’s the LDN causing the change ~ the night sweats had eased up the week before I started LDN. As far as I can tell, LDN = weight gain + trouble sleeping. And that’s about it.

This morning, I am not as muscle fatigued as I thought I would be. “Fatigued” is a useless word to describe it. When I crash, I have zero muscle strength and extreme muscle pain. It feels like all of my muscles have been pumped full of lead to the point of bursting. They ache, they’re difficult to move, when I do move, they may pull/sprain without warning. This is from the base of my skull to my feet. Awful. I’m feeling it today, but not to the normal degree after an active day like yesterday. I took some Miralax today. I’ve never taken it before, so I only took a half dose, but I’m hoping for some help. My IBS problems have a tendency to cause vasovagal syncope. I’ve collapsed with very low blood pressure and pulse and wound up in the emergency room five times. I’m praying there will be no cramping or pressure from the Miralax. My bff says it’s gentle ~ she takes it daily.

I’ll give you an update later.


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