Diet Day 5… I think I’m gonna cave.

So, yesterday, I stuck with the diet after my earwig fiasco and, as usual, lunch and dinner were better: leftover soup and, for dinner, my husband made a lean hamburger with a portobello mushroom “bun”, tomato, sauteed onions and asparagus. Yum! He came through in my time of need!

However, I did email the Good Doctor and told her that I felt like my quality of life (what little there is) was suffering with this diet and could I please just eat oats in the morning? I make my own granola, which I adore, with gluten-free oats, nuts, coconut, cranberries… If I could still have that and oatmeal once in a while, I could really try to get excited about the rest of the diet. Still cut out all dairy, all other grains, all fatty meats, all legumes. It would still be a strict elimination of a lot of the foods I normally eat. And I will cut down on oats. I won’t eat as much as I was… I will still have a smoothie, but I will add some granola on the side to feel full. I will add fruit to my porridge, I can make homemade oat/fruit/nut/seed bars to carry as snacks for low blood sugar (instead of a tin of tuna!). That’s the thing about hypoglycemia ~ I’ve always been told to LIMIT my consumption of fruit and fruit juices because of the high sugar content, but this diet was doing the opposite. I think, if I could eat eggs, it would be a different story. The thing I really need to do ~ and have always needed to do ~ is cut back on sugar and I hope this diet will help.

So, the Good Doctor thought that was a reasonable request and now I’m feeling like a bit of a failure for caving, but this has lightened my mood considerably and maybe, once I’ve eliminated all the other stuff for a while, I will then feel strong enough to stop eating oats, too.

I should have bargained corn back into the diet instead of oats, that way I could have Chex cereal and popcorn and corn tortillas! Doh!


One thought on “Diet Day 5… I think I’m gonna cave.

  1. Anna says:

    Yayyy!!!! Oats! That solves lots of problems. And a portobello bun is genius and actually sounds delicious.


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