Diet Day 7 later…fruit sucks.

Am I jinxed or what? Did I do something evil in a past life? Since the earwigs-in-the-peach fiasco, fruit-wise, I have only eaten bananas and frozen strawberries (the latter I grew, washed, cut and froze myself, so I knew they were safe). I haven’t taken even a tentative step towards any fruit that has a proper core with seeds or pits – until tonight.

My breakfast was delicious: banana, strawberry, walnut, vanilla smoothie and some granola on the side. I went to a restaurant for lunch and had an amazing salad of romaine, jicama, mandarin orange segments, red pepper, pumpkin seeds and grilled chicken breast. The salad was big enough to be my dinner, too, if I added a little something on the side and I decided to have apple slices with cashew butter. Yum, right?

The rest of the story is shown below. The center of the apple was a big fuzz pile of mold. Seriously? Life does not want me to eat fruit. So, in my disgust and frustration, the petulant child came out again and I reached for the granola. Screw you, life! I’m having bad, sweet, oats for dinner! Life is just lucky I didn’t have the chocolate peanut butter ice cream in my freezer for dinner — then she’d really be sorry she fucked with my good fruit intentions.



2 thoughts on “Diet Day 7 later…fruit sucks.

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  2. […] never cared about fruit before ~ in fact, I downright hated it (see this, this and this post) ~ until I went on a low-histamine and low-sugar diet and, suddenly, a grapefruit […]


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