LDN Day 24… 9/11

Today was a good and bad day. Bad in that I feel like I am premenstrual even though I don’t get periods. I’ve been very emotional, everything is making me cry and I want to eat nothing but sugar. On the good side, I had lunch with friends, which was sorely needed — I was starting to feel like I was useless in this world. What’s my special purpose?!

I also went for a half hour walk in the cemetery with my first-born son (dog) and it was so peaceful and also sorely needed — every time I cry, even if it’s just a sniffle, he has to wrap his 110lb body around me and nose my face to try to protect me and cheer me up. He needed some calm Momma time.

Then I did three mini-meditations: one while I was using my physical therapy neck-stretcher thing, a traditional sitting meditation, and standing breathwork with stretches. Any stretching that doesn’t pull a muscle is an accomplishment.

The best part is that, after a long talkative lunch and a walk, I feel okay. I only got 6.5 fretful hours sleep last night and I haven’t had a nap today, so I am ecstatic that I’m not completely slurry and jellied on the couch or feeling fluish in bed. Hallelujah. I did just take a tylenol, so that could be helping. Maybe my muscles won’t be diseased tomorrow… Maybe I’ll be mobile and not in too much pain… Maybe.

I am going to take a melatonin tonight (which I didn’t last night). My doctor even confirmed via email that there was no problem taking both LDN and melatonin before bed.

Finally, I’m grateful for the good healthcare workers and emergency responders. Thank you to the dedicated, caring, patient, thorough, communicative, available, informed, and informative NDs, MDs, RNs, DDSs, PAs, PTs, MTs, LMFTs, RDs, and acupuncturists (whatever letters they have after their names!). Thank you to the EMTs and firefighters that have saved my life on the multiple occasions when we have dialed 911 or 999… And those, along with the police and average citizens, that saved–or tried to save–all the injured and dying people on this day 11 years ago.


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