LDN Day 23… Do I keep going with the LDN?

Like I said, I debated for a while about whether I would be honest in this blog about just how bad it gets. I’m trying to chronicle the good times, the hopeful times, the funny times, as well as the bad times. And I’m still kind of holding back on the bad times because I’m towing the line between diary and public entertainment. I don’t want to depress or scare the readers that know me, but I also don’t want to misrepresent what this illness does to me.

Last night, I skipped all of the supplements after lunch. I skipped food, too. I just went to bed and felt crappy until about 11pm and then tried to sleep. I did take the LDN. I did some more research online and there are so many people saying, “Stick with it! The side effects go away, it gets better.”

My night was awful. I woke up with what I thought for a split second was paralysis in my left leg. Once I rolled over and the tingling started, I realised it was just total and complete bloodlessness. Then I woke up again with absolutely no blood in both my hands. It was the oddest feeling; I could not move the fingers at all. I sat up and shook them for minutes and went back to sleep. I woke up twice from the crippling headache that had struck around 6pm the previous night. I woke up at 1:30am shaking and trembling so much that I got up and checked my blood sugar (it was fine) and then decided to take 1mg of melatonin. This is a big deal for me. I have a fear of combining drugs ~ even “benign” ones like melatonin. I think I’ve only taken 1mg once in the past and it was split into two doses and I wasn’t taking LDN at the time. I like to be able to “monitor” what drugs do to me, so drugs taken at night are the worst. Well, the rest of the night was like something out of “Jacob’s Ladder”. I want to do the overnight sleep study just so someone can tell me what is going on with me in the night. Every time I woke, I was in a different place in the bed, using a different pillow, in a different position, head tweaked a different direction, jaw clamped down painfully. Every time I woke, I was either too cold or burning so hot that I would take my temperature, unable to believe I wasn’t dangerously feverish (never above 99.7 degrees). I had night sweats again. I had nightmarish, vivid dreams. In all of them I was sick and drugged. I kept going into lucid dreaming, where I consciously knew I was asleep and wanted to wake up, but couldn’t ~ I was too drugged, too sick. It doesn’t help that I’m reading those Girl With the Dragon Tattoo books, so all my dreaming imagery is pretty gruesome. I’ll probably have to put those books away for a while ~ until my subconscious isn’t such a lunatic. I have spent 4 months meditating and relaxing ~ my conscious self doesn’t feel that tortured ~ so is this the id rearing its ugly head at night? Freud, you there?

This morning, I’m okay. I feel like I’ve been put through the wars and I’m eating Tylenol for breakfast, but I’m okay. I only got about 4 or 5 hours sleep and tonight I think I might try the melatonin again. It’s either that or stop taking the low-dose naltrexone. Or start taking it during the day. I don’t really want to do the daytime LDN. I feel like, if I’m gonna do it, I should do it when I’m meant to do it for the best result. And, if I stop taking it… well, it’s like the one-armed bandits in Vegas: maybe this time will be the winner. Maybe this day will be the day the good kicks in.

I really will get to the laundry today.

Today’s Moment of Gratitude: NATURE: for the colours, smells, sizes, variations, animals, majesty, resilience, inspiration, and freedom… even gratitude for the bugs –the ones inside me. Little fuckers.


One thought on “LDN Day 23… Do I keep going with the LDN?

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