Diet & Supplements Day 20… not much to report.

Not much to report. I’m just plugging away on the diet and supplement plan. I feel EXACTLY the same. Even healthy people feel better when they radically modify their diet and start taking vitamins, right? Am I the only one on the planet who doesn’t feel better on a gluten-free, dairy-free diet??

I finally got my Vitamin A, so I’ve started taking 10,000iu/day. I’m still relying on homemade granola and smoothies for breakfast, salads and boring veg for lunch and dinner. The most success I’ve had is eating salads at restaurants. Our co-op deli has fun salads that I couldn’t make at home without buying 20 different ingredients and then having WAY too much and having to eat it for days. I had a romaine salad in a restaurant the other day with beets, bacon (shh, don’t tell the doc), avocado, tomato, grilled chicken and a delicious salad dressing. I realise this means I should just try to cook at home ~ or, at least, chop up veg and make something interesting rather than just dumping greens from a bag into a bowl ~ but I’m just not up for it. Produce keeps dying in the fridge. And raw meat turns me off. I’m just not enthused. When my Dad was here, he cooked some lovely food that he made look easy. It just seems like such a chore when I’m so exhausted.

Anyway, my smoothie skills have improved. My go-to breakfast blend is: banana, berries, almond/coconut milk, ice, vanilla extract, maybe some agave syrup depending on my mood. Or add apple sauce, walnuts and cinnamon. Yum. I also have become addicted to apple slices with pecan butter ~ a good snack, just ask Moms. Seriously, I feel like a Mom trying to get a kid (myself) to enjoy eating well. I put pecan butter on a celery stick and dotted raisins all down it like ants on a log or whatever they were called… So, ludicrous! And, PS: they don’t taste very good. Kids are right.

Finally, Theo chocolate bars are 70% cocao and have none of my restricted ingredients.

Oh, and these are the Lara bars I keep talking about, which have fewer ingredients than any other bar I can find (for example: “cashews, dates”).


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