Remember to notice the good times.

I would like to mention some good times so nobody thinks the sadness sticks around all the time. Today, I managed to briefly meet friends and go to a very long doctor appointment and still had energy for the dog park. It was sunny and warm and there weren’t very many people there. Once again, I found myself smiling while walking –maybe even strutting— and listening to my music. There’s something liberating about walking in a tank top with the sun shining, a breeze blowing and not being at all cold. At least it’s liberating for someone who spends their life in close contact with either a hot water bottle, hot tub, electric blanket or electric vest (which is made for motorcycle riders, but is wondrous for freezing freaks like I). Speaking of, there was this one day years ago when my husband and I were riding our motorbikes on a hot day through the mountains. I took off my leather jacket and, for the first and only time in my life, I dared to drive fast on the country highway wearing only a tank top (and leather pants and a helmet, duh), with the wind racing over me and the sun beating down on me… My god, I will never forget that feeling. Oddly, today, smiling and strutting slowly in the park, it felt a little bit like that day on the motorbike: a lot slower and safer, but still the freedom, peace, and sun in a tank top.

I thought, “the sun feels like it is physically penetrating my neck and taking away the pain”, so I went with it: I imagined that it truly could. I concentrated on that warmth and willed it to fix me. I pretended it was a known procedure with proven results and I let the sun rays massage my muscle rotten spots (they feel like they must look like rotten spots on an apple) and decided that tomorrow I was going to start winning. I am exhausted, I have a crushing headache as per-usual, and I’m currently going through a fever phase, but, I swear, this illness won’t win. I won’t feel terrible tomorrow and it doesn’t get to make me depressed. I’ll be sad when I feel like crap, I’ll still undoubtedly have a roller coaster of emotions and my commitment will falter, but, I got this. The sun gave it to me.

I am grateful for the sun.
Little darling, it’s going to be a long cold lonely winter.



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