Fruit still sucks!

Who knew this would turn into a 4-post day? But I had to share one more thing. Never, in 39 years, have I ever seen anything like this. Fruit hates me. When I opened my banana to make a smoothie this morning, there was a weird red tinge, so I cut a slice away lengthwise and ~ just look at the photo below. I’m not kidding you, that whateveritis was red —RED— and dotted with MOLD. What IS that?! Red moldy internal banana bleeding? Seriously, if anyone has ever had peach earwigs, a moldy apple core and a red banana bruise in their LIFETIME, let alone ONE MONTH, I want to know about it. EW!

PS: We happened to have a pear in the house and I knew from the menu that Anna had linked to on one of my earlier posts, that I could use a banana or a pear as a good smoothie base. Never would have occurred to me. Thanks, Anna!


3 thoughts on “Fruit still sucks!

  1. […] of you might recall my experience with earwigs inside a peach and mold inside an apple and the bloody, black soul I found inside a banana… My saga continues with the manky, moldy, mildewed, malodorous COCONUT. Yes, those are […]


  2. […] never cared about fruit before ~ in fact, I downright hated it (see this, this and this post) ~ until I went on a low-histamine and low-sugar diet and, suddenly, a grapefruit sounded […]


  3. Veronica Baker says:

    My banana looked the same as yours but it was black and crunchy. I wish I could upload the pic. But if you go to my Facebook you can see it. Veronica Yates Baker


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