Rotten on the Inside.

I spoke too soon about Fuji apples. I just cut into this one and it was already brown on the inside…. Oh, and I never mentioned the broccoli mites! I doubt very many people would even have noticed them – they looked like the tips of the broccoli itself and were clumped in between the branches. I don’t mind insects in my produce – I once almost ate a huge grasshopper in my organic salad and you have to wash slugs and critters off our garden veg, of course – but there was something disquieting about how camouflaged these little buggers were. And it is unnerving when fruit looks so delicious on the outside, but is rotten when you slice into it. Oh god, I just described this and so many other diseases… Rot that can’t be seen on the outside. Invisible illness.



One thought on “Rotten on the Inside.

  1. Curiosity says:

    Thank you for making me aware of the existence of broccoli mites.

    On a related note, curse you for making me aware of the existence of broccoli mites. 😉


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