Christmas presents!

Here are some of the gifts I received that are great for housebound people!

DVDs and books
DVDs and books!


Adult-sized onesie!

And brilliant gifts for people with temperature control issues:

Fingerless gloves!

Cozy clothes!

heating pad
Heating pad!

And for someone with a headache (I thought it would aggravate it, but it soothed it!):

head massager
Head massager!

And for a meditator:




And a great gift for that special someone who destroys their lips nightly because they have to wear tape over their mouth as part of the cpap ritual:

lip balm

Thank you friends and family!! You are so thoughtful and I love you! Bless us, every one!


2 thoughts on “Christmas presents!

  1. Lindsay says:

    i received fingerless gloves, too! i take them everywhere i go šŸ™‚


  2. E. Milo says:

    Temperature control ~ or lack thereof ~ has been one of the hardest things for me this year. When I was still working, I would wear a hat and scarf and gloves at the office. I had a hot water bottle in my lap most days. I’ve been going through a hot spell recently, which my acupuncturist says means my body is “winning”. Winning!


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