Happy Birthday to my Mother!

Today, my friend C.V. reposted this blog called, “Top 6 Orchestra Flashmobs — Acts of Robust Hit-and-Run Culture in Public Spaces“. I insist everyone watch ~ at the very least ~ the top video of Ode to Joy and the Canadians singing Handel’s Hallelujah. It turns out, one of the few things that can take me out of the pain and the grimaces and the fear is music… and I have a soft spot for flash mobs. I was moved to tears almost immediately, but smiled from ear to ear through every video. There is something reassuring about a group of people preforming together for free, in a public space ~ it shows a generosity, takes us out of the cerebral, reminds us to pay attention to beauty in all places.

On that note, happy birthday to my Momma, who performed in her own Hallelujah flash mob in Dublin in 2011. See it here.

flash mob


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to my Mother!

  1. Emma says:

    I love how in these clips, adults seem somewhat alarmed by the spontaneity, whereas children take to it so well; Finally, grown ups doing what we do – playing!


  2. Bonnie says:

    Thank you for my birthday blog – it’s a lovely memory and so much fun. I got pretty annoyed by your CFS report, though calmed down myself after reading your next one. You know the research paper you sent me was a big warning about graded exercise and ‘a certain form’ of CBT being counter-productive in many cases especially in the long term when relapses set many back worse than they had been. I know you were tested for Lyme’s, wonder about copper levels. I understand about no unnecessary tests but it feels inadequate not to try some tests – or re-tests?


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