Parasite Puppeteers

Since I feel like doggy doo doo this week, I’ll entertain you by continuing to post things I think you should watch/read.

This: How Your Cat Is Making You Crazy.

Read it if you have a cat, read it if you have or know anyone with schizophrenia, read it if you are interested in how parasites can manipulate a host’s behavior for their own benefit, and definitely read it if you are simply fascinated by nature, how little we know about human biology and the seemingly infinite number of ways a body can be invaded. What we don’t know could fill a universe.

“What’s more, many experts think T. gondii may be far from the only microscopic puppeteer capable of pulling our strings. ‘My guess is that there are scads more examples of this going on in mammals, with parasites we’ve never even heard of,’ says Sapolsky.”


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