Mind The Abyss

I highly recommend you watch this. It brought me close to tears. His symptoms are nearly identical to mine… The vertigo, night sweats, crushing headaches… Only he had no pre existing conditions. This evil strikes anyone, it seems, at any time and, if I can recognise this constellation of symptoms, why can’t doctors even talk about it? Why is it such a dirty secret?


If that link won’t let you open it, you can view it on the Phoenix Rising website ~ it’s the second video down.

PS: Thank you, Curiosity, for posting this video on your blog. xo


2 thoughts on “Mind The Abyss

  1. Curiosity says:

    For me what got me most was that feeling he brought across with the arrow on the chart, where he thinks that surely this is as bad as it’s going to get, and then he goes into free fall with symptom after symptom after symptom after symptom. I vividly remember that sensation, feeling like every system in my body was shorting out one by one, and I was amassing this giant pile of symptoms that would each have been frightening and debilitating on its own, and nobody had any idea what was happening to me. I felt like I was physically falling apart at the seams while my doctors looked on. …Not that I’m blaming them, just that it was an extra helpless feeling, sinking while no one would help me.

    I recognize the symptoms very clearly as well. For a while early on I was shocked when I heard other people describe their super weird symptoms, because they were exactly the same as mine. Now I’m just sad that there aren’t better programs out there for building awareness or educating doctors about this condition. Because we’re all so similar and the symptoms so distinct that it’s sad that anyone has to go undiagnosed.


  2. […] something. I still have those symptoms, but they are muted. The headaches eased up. Did you watch Mind The Abyss? After watching it, my husband said, “When the headaches came on…the man’s head […]


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