Good Morning, Heartache

What happens when a healthy person has an air purifier in their bedroom that begins to rock ever-so-slightly in the night? What about when they have a bit of a leak from their cpap? What about when the temperature in the bedroom goes up to 75 degrees? What about when the dog stretches and his nails graze the wall? What about when a line of sunlight creeps under the black-out blinds? What about when someone dares to take a step two floors below their bedroom? Probably nothing. Probably, they keep sleeping soundly. If they wake, they probably go back to sleep fairly quickly. It probably doesn’t even register.

What happens when a person with M.E. experiences these things?


Zeo graph from 1am-9am showing constant "wake" (top of graph).

Zeo graph from 1am-9am showing constant “wake” (top of graph).


What happens when a healthy person only gets 2 hours of broken sleep? They are very, very tired.

What happens when a person with M.E. experiences this?

Heart racing, difficulty breathing, muscle pain, extreme stiffness, dizziness, reemergence of migraine, very blurry vision, difficulty forming coherent sentences, loss of appetite, inability to get out of bed, panic. And that’s only in the beginning of the day.


Stop haunting me now
Can’t shake you, no how…
Good morning, heartache, sit down.


5 thoughts on “Good Morning, Heartache

  1. currankentucky says:

    Pulling hair out time is what I call that early hour of the morning when suddenly something tiny has me WIDE AWAKE, my brain is buzzing, my husbands snoring is a train… then the headache hits and the sore shoulder and hip, then I hit the couch to escape the snoring, then the nausea hits, rock on rollercoaster from hell… that was me last Thursday night just gone… which led to a VERY BAD Friday and Friday night. FUN.


  2. I think about all my other MCS sister that I have contact with — who experience all those things you just talked about–just like I do—– but are confinded to bed & can’t walk– & are not able to do anything for them selves–&-can’t leave their MCS safe homes at all & then I feel blessed that all the things you just mentioned are ALL I have to content with & feel blessed!!!! And I get on my oxygen concentrator & breath oxygen— Because I usually can recover–it may take a while but so far I have recovered – if I take good care of myself– & do all the things I know to do that will help me recover– & then try to get up & check my e-mails from all those MCS sisters who have it soooooooooooooo much worse the I do– & I answer their hundreds of e-mails & I blog something on my blog as positive as possible!!!! And praise God I am alive one more day!!!!!! ————-Hope you get some rest & feel better!!!!


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  4. Christine says:

    I LOVE your blog. It’s honest and real and JUST what I need!


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