9 thoughts on “Memorable Meditation Moment.

  1. Looks gorgeous and so peaceful. A perfect meditation moment 🙂


  2. currankentucky says:

    Sooo pretty, how nice to have the pics to look at on dreary winter days, jealous!! Thanks for sharing so I can return and look them on my laptop!


  3. Lindsay says:

    what kind of dog do you have? so cute!


    • E. Milo says:

      Thank you! I have two dogs (sons): the long legs and big paws are Bowie, the tallest Rhodesian Ridgeback on the planet, from what I can tell. The golden head in the first photo is The Little Guy, a mutt that we rescued when he was emancipated and could barely walk. Loves of my life. 🙂


  4. Trisha says:

    Lovely photos! Great idea taking pictures to remember the beautiful late summer day. Today made me feel like those days are over for awhile. Hopefully, the sun will make a comeback for us!


    • E. Milo says:

      Thank you! Yes, it looks like tomorrow might be nice, but then it’s all downhill… I know we had a nice May this year, but I was hoping that wouldn’t cancel out September, dammit!


  5. dawnhosking says:

    Absolutely lovely and especially the last shot 😉


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