Last shout out for Canary in a Coalmine- Can you help?

With 58 hours to go in the Canary in a Coalmine Kickstarter campaign, can they raise the final $12,000 for the film? I hope so! I increased my donation by $5 today. Every little bit helps- you could even give $1. They’ve made it easy: you can log onto Kickstarter with your Facebook account and you can pay for your pledge with one click through your Amazon account.

It’s been really exciting and inspiring to see what Jennifer Brea has accomplished mostly from her bed. Honestly, it gives me hope that I’ll be able to one day tackle something creative- or anything– while living like this.


One thought on “Last shout out for Canary in a Coalmine- Can you help?

  1. Dani says:

    Your mom sent me your blog and it has broken my heart. If I had the gift of words that you and your mom do I could express my self better but know that I send you thoughts of love, and healing. Love, Dani


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